April 19, 2022

Take Care of Your Trails Launches TODAY- Earth Day 2022

It’s not too late! You can still sign up for this year’s campaign.


April 22nd- June 4th.


“Now is the time for the unstoppable courage to preserve and protect our health, our families, our livelihoods… together, we must Invest In Our Planet” – Earth Day 2022 / #InvestInOurPlanet


It isn’t a coincidence that we decided to start this year’s TCoYT campaign today, on Earth Day. It’s true that Earth Day should be celebrated everyday (#EarthDayEveryDay) and that mass media has watered down the relevance of this once iconic day with too many ‘Save the planet’ Instagram posts and not enough real action. The recent publication of the latest IPCC reports are terrifying, and have gained little attention due to the ongoing pandemic and war in Ukraine. That’s why this year we want our community to think about how you can give back and take action beyond trail maintenance and repair. Let’s all give a bit of our time this Spring to invest in our trails and the surrounding natural environment!




We would love to see all of you who have registered for TCoYT this Spring, implementing some form of environmental action into your events. Why not dedicate an hour of your event to a trail clean up? Grab a backpack, line it with a reusable bag, and pick up some litter surrounding the trail head or along the trail. You would be amazed what you can find hiding in the bushes and shrubs… If you’re not yet part of an organised event, you can check out what is happening in your region by heading over to the ‘Event Map’ on the homepage.

Remember to tag @imba_europe in your events!

Get rewarded for your action!

If you’ve navigated your way over to the awards section of the website, you will have seen the inclusion of the ‘Protect and Preserve’ award to our award categories. This award will be given to the person/group who has the best conservation/restoration project idea for their local trails. The award winner will receive a grant to help put this idea/plan into action. Thanks to our partners Specialized Soil Searching for funding this award category!


Some inspiration for your TCoYT events…


#1BagChallenge – Spring Clean by Trash Free Trails

This challenge is pretty simple. When you’re out on your next ride, even if it isn’t on Earth Day, grab a bag and fill it up with any trash you see lying around. This could even be in your local neighbourhood when you’re out for a walk with your dog. This isn’t really a difficult task, and something we should all probably do more of… alongside helping our trail crews maintain our trail networks!

Join the Trash Free Trails Spring Trail Clean here


The ‘Great Global Clean Up: 

While you’re at it signing up for the Trash Free Trails Spring Clean, you can also sign up for the official ‘Great Global Clean Up’ an official action by Earth Day.

Sign up here!

If we don’t protect and preserve our natural environment, not only will we have limited spaces to recreate in, but we are jeopardising the future for our children, and the next generations. As mountain bikers we can make a difference, and it is the belief of IMBA Europe that as a community we have the capacity to make a change.