And the winner is…

Who will become this years ‘Trail Advocate of the Year’? And which crews will be honoured as ‘Outstanding Local Trail Crew’?

Europe's Outstanding

Trail Crews

In view of the global COVID pandemic in 2020, the award for ‘Best Mountain Bike Community Europe’ was replaced by ‘Outstanding Trail Crew’, which will have an added flavour in 2021, with three subcategories to the award. The decision to remove ‘Best Mountain Bike Community Europe’ was made due to the fact that large scale events/gatherings were not advised, and prohibited in most parts of Europe. We are relieved we can ride our bikes again and like to keep it that way. So this years focus will be more on the quality of local crews and the positive impact they can have on their community and the protection of the places they love to ride.

In 2021 we are excited to launch three new awards under the category ‘Outstanding Local Trail Crew’. Outstanding Trail Crews go beyond what you may expect from your local group of volunteers and provide inspirational stories for other groups.

These crews distinguish themselves by innovative and refreshing trail projects, by making a positive contribution to the local community, by protecting the places they love to ride. By creative volunteer recruitment strategies or by ways to make the MTB community more inclusive. The three new categories will recognise

  1. Most Innovative trail crew – Specialized Levo + trailer + Trail building tools.
  2. Best inclusivity project by a Trail Crew- Specialized Levo + trailer + Trail building tools
  3. Best Conservation Effort by a trail crew- Specialized Soil Searching Film



If you think your volunteer group is or did something special and qualifies to become one of the Outstanding Local Trail Crews, then you should apply! Application opens May 1st, deadline for submissions is June 7th  2021. Click HERE to open the application form.

Male and female

Trail Advocate Award

You know that one person who just goes above and beyond what is expected of them? That person who encourages others to get involved, puts in extra hours, never complains, and just loves giving back to their trails?

Every year we love to highlight “Trail Advocate Of The Year” for men and women. This is a special award where the nominee must be nominated by someone from their club, crew or just an admirer of their work. The winners will receive a VIP Pro Deal on a Specialized Bike, Evoc Trail Builder Backpack and Suit & Trail Boss Packable Trail Tool.

So keep an eye out for those individuals who are putting in that extra bit of effort to ‘Take Care of Your Trails’.


2021 Awards

Outstanding trail crew awards 2021- Prizes and description

  1. Most Innovative trail crew – 

Specialized Levo + trailer + Trail building tools.

Innovation is defined as the creation, development and implementation of a new product, process or service. With the aim of improving efficiency, effectiveness or competitive advantage. Examples of innovation might be the methods/techniques that you and your crew implement to build or maintain local trails. Perhaps you had to be creative in the way you organised your ‘action’ this year due to Covid restrictions and how many people were allowed to join an action/event. Were you creative in the way your organised and rallied people to get involved in your action? If you think your event was ‘innovative’ in some shape or form, please apply for the award.


  1. Best inclusivity project by a Trail Crew– 

Specialized Levo + trailer + Trail building tools

The most inclusive crew will be the crew that has made the effort to involve all members of their community in their ‘action’. You can think outside of the box here, not necessarily women and children, but perhaps your trail maintenance days include involving a troubled youth program, or persons dealing with anxiety and depression. If you have a project that you are working on, or have done so in the past that was ‘inclusive’, please apply for the award and we will consider the relevance.

Best Conservation Effort by a trail crew– 

Specialized Soil Searching Film

This award will be awarded to the crew who is currently involved in a conservation effort/project related to preservation/restoration of our natural environment. A great example of what a conservation effort looks like, is the work that some members of Woburn Bike Trail are doing alongside ‘Trash Free Trails’ in the UK.

An interesting article on how mountain biking and conservation is intertwined is ‘WHY MOUNTAIN BIKERS NEED TO THINK BEYOND ACCESS AND SUSTAINABILITY, AND MORE ABOUT RESTORATION’.


In order to become ‘Trail Advocate of the year’, you need to be nominated by your local trail crew members, your community representatives, land manager, colleague or bike buddy or maybe even by that board member or politician. We’re looking for both female and male candidates. Nominations should be submitted by May 30 th, 2021 latest. If you know somebody that has been of great importance for mountain biking, worked to create trails or preserved access or started that awesome kids mountain bike program, than you should nominate him or her by using the following form.

Besides the honor, both winners will receive a prize package from our campaign sponsors, which will be announced in the coming weeks via our social media channels and website. So stay tuned, start planning your ‘action’, and let’s take care of some trails!