And the winner is…

Wich country will win the title Best MTB Community of Europe 2019 after previous winners Slovenia and France? And who will become Trail Advocate of the Year?

Europe's Mountain Biking

Best community

For the 3rd consecutive year, the TCoYT campaign will include a friendly competition between particpating countries to decide which country earns the title ‘best MTB community of Europe’.

This award is about honour, about national spirit and pride and about the impact the TCoYT campaign can have at the national level.

The winning country will be announced at the IMBA Europe Summit in Silkeborg, Denmark where the national coordinator will receive the stunning Best Mountain Bike Community Europe award. Previous winning countries Slovenia and France showed what impact this title could have to raise awareness for the potential of mountain biking in their country and towards decision makers at the national level. It also helped to draw attention on key themes like trail access for mountain biking and to social value of MTB communities.

The country with most participating volunteers per head of the MTB population wins the title Best Mountain Bike Community Europe 2019. IMBA Europe’s national member organisations and other partner organisations fulfill the role of national coordinators and promote the campaign amongst their own member groups and other partners in their network.

These national coordinators have been asked to provide current figures about the size of their MTB home market (number of active mountain bikes in their country). This number will be used as benchmark. We know this might be a bit difficult because not all countries have the most up to date figures about the size of their MTB market. Still, we think this is the fairest approach for both small and large countries to make a chance of winning the title.

All events of local groups taking part within the campaign period of April 6th – May 5th count for this competition.

This year's

Trail advocate

New for 2019 is the category Trail advocate of the year. This category honors passionate and tireless trail advocates for exceptional work in advancing mountain biking opportunities in their local community, region or even country.
We all know trail fairies don’t exist and that it takes a lot of time to transform communities through mountain biking. We’re looking for those trail heroes (man and woman) that rolled up their sleeves, made a difference and deserve some recognition.

To become trail advocate of the year, you need to be nominated by your local trail crew members, your community representatives, land manager, colleague or bike buddy or maybe even by that board member or politician.

We’re looking for both female and male candidates. If you know somebody that has been of great importance for mountain biking, worked to create trails or preserved access or started that awesome kids mountainbike program, than you should nominate him or her by submitting this form.

Submitted candidates will be judged and the winners will be announced at the IMBA Europe Summit in Denmark. Beside eternal fame, kudos from your friends and engraved wooden plaque, Endura will provide both winners with their MT500, award-winning performance MTB jacket! And…the story of both winners will be featured in an article on Nominations should be submitted May 7th latest.