And the winner is…

Which crews will stand out in 2022 and take home the accolades and bragging rights? Have you and your crew got what it takes to make a difference; create positive change with your actions?

Europe's Outstanding

Trail Crews

Recognising the outstanding trail crews and associations throughout Europe!

This campaign is about recognising and highlighting the importance of the people behind the trails. Without trail crews and associations, we wouldn’t have mountain biking, it’s as simple as that.

In 2022 we are hopeful that we can achieve the same level of engagement (If not better!!) as 2019; our most successful campaign in terms of participation to date. That being said, this campaign isn’t just about volunteer numbers and hours logged.

Since the inauguration of Take Care of Your Trails in 2017, this campaign has grown into something so much more than friendly competition between crews across Europe. This is an opportunity for mountain bikers to take responsibility for their environments, recruit new volunteers, and build better relationships within the whole MTB sector. We want to reward and highlight the individuals and groups who are creating the biggest impact in their local communities and are contributing to positive change in their communities. With that said, here are our four award categories for 2022

Descriptions and prizes

2022 Awards

Protect and Preserve Award

This award will be awarded to the individual or crew who has a conservation project idea/proposal related to preservation/restoration of our natural environment. Some great examples of community led conservation efforts is the work organisations like Ride Sheffield are doing alongside Trash Free Trails’ in the UK and Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland are doing in the Cairngorms National Park

An interesting article on how mountain biking and conservation is intertwined is ‘WHY MOUNTAIN BIKERS NEED TO THINK BEYOND ACCESS AND SUSTAINABILITY, AND MORE ABOUT RESTORATION’.

Prize: The award winner of this category will receive a supporting grant of €3250 to help their idea/proposal come to fruition.  Are you a student? This grant can also be considered as a scholarship. The winner will also have the opportunity to be apart of a Specialized Soil Searching documentary to highlight and showcase their ‘Protect and Preserve’ conservation project.

This award is supported by Specialized and Patagonia.


Details of the award and application procedure can be found HERE


Outstanding Local Trail Crew Awards


The crews that get the most amount of boots on the ground (volunteers) during the course of the campaign. This award also takes into consideration the crews that are creating positive change in their community through… 

    • Being inclusive in their volunteer recruitment
    • Organizing regular trail maintenance days throughout the year
    • Communicating and engaging well with their local community & local stakeholders
    • Spreading positive ride vibes

What does inclusivity mean? Making your club or association accessible to all demographics. You can think outside of the box here, not necessarily just women and children, but perhaps your trail maintenance days include involving a troubled youth program, or persons dealing with anxiety and depression. If you have a project that you are working on, or have done so in the past that was ‘inclusive’, please apply for the award and we will consider the relevance.

Prizes: The winner of this category will receive a Specialized Levo to help with the future trail maintenance projects and a supporting grant. The 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive a grant to help fund their crew/associations future trail works.


Most Outstanding National Trail Association 


The organisation who has lead (is leading) the way in trail advocacy work, community and capacity building within their nation.

The winning Trail Association will receive the Most Outstanding National Trail Association Award, to be presented at IMBA Europe’s 10th Anniversary Summit in Val di Sole, June 1st- 4th. On the Thursday evening, after dinner in a Mountain hut, the Free Radicals & Manon Carpenter will present the award alongside IMBA Europe.

Descriptions & Prizes

2022 awards

Trail advocate of the year

You know that one person who just goes above and beyond what is expected of them? That person who encourages others to get involved, puts in extra hours, never complains, and just loves giving back to their trails?

Every year we love to highlight “Trail Advocate Of The Year”. This is a special award where the nominee must be nominated by someone from their club, crew or just an admirer of their work. The winners will receive a VIP Pro package, which includes a trip to your nearest Specialized headquarters for a day of fun on the trails and an Evoc backpack

So keep an eye out for those individuals who are putting in that extra bit of effort to ‘Take Care of Your Trails’.


The winning crews distinguish themselves by innovative and refreshing trail projects, by making a positive contribution to the local community, by protecting the places they love to ride. By creative volunteer recruitment strategies; by ways to make the MTB community more inclusive’ and diverse; and by protecting and preserving our natural environment.

Think you and your crew has what it takes to win an award in 2022? Then put on your thinking hats, schedule your trail maintenance days, and get those boots on the ground!

Application opens April 22nd, and deadline for submissions is May 29th. Winners will be announced at the IMBA Europe summit on June 4th.



In order to become ‘Trail Advocate of the year’, you need to be nominated by your local trail crew members, your community representatives, land manager, colleague or bike buddy or maybe even by that board member or politician. We’re looking for both female and male candidates. Nominations should be submitted by May 31 2022 latest. If you know somebody that has been of great importance for mountain biking, worked to create trails or preserved access or started that awesome kids mountain bike program, then you should nominate him or her by using the following form.

Besides the honour, both winners will receive a prize package from our campaign sponsors, which will be announced in the coming weeks via our social media channels and website. So stay tuned, start planning your ‘action’, and let’s take care of some trails!