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Do you enjoy mountain biking on your amazing local trails? Want to make sure they stay that way? We need your help. Take Care of Your Trails is our annual campaign to encourage and promote volunteer based trail maintenance events across Europe. During one full month, the campaign will highlight all trail repair, clean-up and build efforts happing by large numbers of trail crews around Europe.  Our 2019 edition has finished now but we’ll be back in 2020 and hope you and your crew will join us again or for the first time!

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  • Winner Soil Searching Bike Raffle announced at Trail Days

    The Soil Searching Bike Raffle to support local trail crews participating in Take Care of Your...

  • Four TCoYT groups to receive Trail Grant

    The Soil Searching Bike Raffle has raised €3568,- which will be divided among four groups that...

  • Winners Trail advocate of the Year 2019

    At the closing ceremony of the IMBA Europe Summit in Silkeborg, the winners of the ‘Trail...

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There’s some national pride in TCOYT. Which country will win the title ‘Best Mountain Bike Community in Europe 2019’ and takes over the crown of previous winners France (2018) and Slovenia (2017)? Who will become the best male and female trail advocate of the year? And which project will win a start-up grant?

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  • Tip icon (negative) Never use your shovel as a weapon

  • Tip icon (positive) Sing songs to keep up the spirit!

  • Tip icon (negative) Don't yell at people in public...

  • Tip icon (positive) Give your crew enough compliments