Take care of your trails

Trail crew sign-up form

NOTE: Before filling in the form below, please read through the TCoYT participation requirements HERE

Please fill in the form below. You’re allowed to answer the questions either in English or in your native language. The information provided in this form will be used to promote your action and will show up on the trail crew map on the homepage of our campaign website. During the 2024 campaign it is also possible to register and report individual actions.  Please take in mind that your action, initiative or event doesn’t appear on our map at once, it needs to be confirmed by the TCoYT campaign coordinator first.

Any questions? Please contact us – info@imba-europe.com


  • Please DO NOT build or design trails without having prior training and practical experience. The focus of this campaign is on maintenance. Repair, protect, preserve.
  • Trail clean up ideas – Head over to Trash Free Trails and organise your own DIO clean up)
  • Are you an individual? Then why not lend a hand to local trail crews/associations
  • When organising your campaign, please educate yourself and those around you with the rules of the trail
  • Promote your ‘TCoYT campaign through your social media channels and tag @imba_europe so we can cross promote your campaign

Spread the positive ‘Ride vibes” -Be inclusive in who you invite to your TCoYT campaign.