March 30, 2021

Launch of the 2021 TCoYT campaign

IMBA Europe is once again very pleased to announce the annual ‘Take Care of Your Trails’ campaign, which will be run throughout the month of May. IMBA’s ‘Take Care of Your Trails’ campaign is the largest pan-European voluntary trail repair, clean-up and build effort. The annual TCoYT campaign has grown into a community movement of passionate and dedicated trail crews contributing countless volunteer hours to preserve their local trails and natural environment. The 2020 ‘Covid’ edition of TCoYT resulted in 74 trail maintenance, building and clean-up events across 15 European countries. More than 750 volunteers contributed 6520 hours of trail work to keep their local trails in shape and make them litter free. A great result given the circumstances and extra precautions that many local groups had to take to make their events safe and corona proof. 

The 2021 edition of TCoYT campaign will focus on keeping your campaign local and inclusive. Since the campaign first started in 2017, we have seen increased participation across the board, with all members of the trail community getting involved. Not only the local trail builders, but families and friends of the wider community. We, IMBA Europe, see great value in running the 2021 TCoYF campaign in these unprecedented times. We believe as a community, we need to continue to move forward, and give back to the environment that allows us to enjoy our passion, mountain biking. From picking up trash on your local trails, to lending a hand on a ‘dig day’, all these actions help to maintain and secure the sustainability and future of mountain biking in our communities. 

As per the previous editions of the TCoYT campaign, we will be recognising and rewarding the best ‘Trail advocate of the year’ for men and women. Given the differing situations across Europe with regards to Covid restrictions, we understand big events are currently not a possibility. Therefore, this year we want to focus rather on keeping it local and ‘taking action’. With this in mind, we decided to get a bit more creative with our awards, and introduce a couple of new awards that will allow every crew and individual an opportunity to get involved, and take action! Within the ‘Outstanding Local Trail Crew’ category, we are pleased to announce three subcategories:


1) The Most Innovative Project

2) Most Inclusive Project

3) The Best Conservation Effort


Want to learn more about this year’s campaign? Then sign up here for the webinar on April 19th at 8pm CET, where we will have some experts from the trail building community sharing their stories, as well as some tips & tricks on trail maintenance and community building. 


Make sure to head over to registration, sign up, and start planning your ‘action’ now! Try to get creative and innovative in how you design your ‘action’, whether that be just with your immediate family, contact bubble or a few members of your trail crew. Make sure to share your TCoYT plans on social media, and keep us updated with your ‘action’. We look forward to seeing what you all bring to the TCoYT 2021 edition!


***We will be strongly urging participants in the 2021 campaign to remain up to date with your countries current covid-19 measurements and regulations, as you begin to plan your ‘action’. Ensuring that at all times, you keep yourself and your community safe.