November 9, 2020

Fahrvergnügen selected as 2nd ‘Outstanding Local Trail Crew’

The Take Care of Your Trails campaign highlights the work of many volunteers and some of the best volunteer trail crews we have around Europe. Today, we’re glad to announce the 2nd group that has been selected as “Outstanding Local Trail Crew’. A tough choice with so many inspirational stories being submitted for this new award category.

Meet Fahrvergnügen e.V, a MTB club from Trier (DE), maintaining and developing the trails in the Weisshauswald.

Fahrvergnugen e.V. has been selected as Outstanding Local Trail Crew for being successful in key topics like enhance authorized trail access, fully completed trail development projects, kids programs and community building. It’s the 3rd consecutive time that this trail crew joined the annual TCoYT campaign.

Fahrvergnügen e.V. aim is to create official sports facilities and routes for mountain biking and the downhill/ dirt sport in the Trier region. In partnership with the forest manager and the city of Trier, the club created trails and bike facilities like a pumptrack for different target groups. From kids to more gravity orientated riders.

The group is not only involved in the construction and maintanence of trails but also has an active youth department and organizes regular TKKG rides (Trail Kids Können Gerwen, Trail Kids can learn). The approximately two-hour guided tours are based on the DIMB “ Kids on Bikes – Nature Ride ” program. Kids learn basic riding techniques but above all, the guided rides are about having fun and a good time in the forest.

From unauthorized to authorized trail building and maintenance

Fahrvergnügen creates an opportunity to practice mountain biking on legally built and official trails. The club also tries to legalize unauthorized created trails in neighbouring towns. Conversations with local politicians and land owners are aimed to add these trails under patronage of their club. Especially during the Covid lockdown, the number of unauthorized trail building activities increased which could potentially harm the relationship with land owners and with that, trail access. By combining trail stewardship with kids activities and other events, fahrvergnügen contributes to the positive representation and promotion of mountain biking.

The benefits of having a kids department

Although the club thought for a long time that founding a kids deparmtent was too much effort, right now it gives a lot of satisfaction to show new kid the club’s adopted trails and introduce them to mountain biking. It also helps to get more parents involved, both as volunteers or new members. But above all, the club is really proud to improve the riding opportunities for a new generation of mountain bikers.

More trails tools and training 

As a Take Care of Your Trails campaign partner, Schneestern will provide fahrvergnügen  with 4 of their signature Shaper tools which combine 5 functions: it’s a pick, rake, tamper, shaper and hoe in one. On top of that, one of their trail builders will visit the trail crew  to train the local volunteers how to handle this versatile piece of trail building equipment.