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Vivabike Valposchiavo

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GPS coordinates: 46.325424012803296, 10.05736268493654

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08:00 am - 16:00 pm

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Vivabike Valposchiavo strives to expand the biking offer in Valposchiavo without creating new trails. To do this, we rely on so-called trail recycling: that is, we recycle historic paths that are hardly used today, but which can be very exciting as bike trails. One example is the so-called "Vie da li sclenzuli". These "direct connections" between the high altitudes and the valley floor were once used to bring the hay mown at altitude down to the valley by the fastest route with the so-called "sclenzuli", a kind of wooden sledge. Today, these paths are no longer used by agriculture and are too steep for hikers - they are, however, first-class bike trails - but they need to be cleared of debris and branches with which they have filled up over the last decades or centuries. In order to make these paths fit again as bike trails, we regularly organise Trail Care Weeks. We invite about 15 interested bikers to join our local trail care crew to clear exciting sections of trail. The bikers come to Valposchiavo for 5 days, in the morning they work on the trails and in the afternoon they go on rides with local guides and get to know our bike trails. They also visit local producers and taste local products. Board and lodging is provided by our bike hotels.