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Vivabike Valposchiavo

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GPS coordinates: 46.29222297897097, 10.07802873886928

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Valposchiavo, the small but beautiful biking area between Switzerland, Italy and the vastness of the sky, invites you to the first trail-caring week. The so-called "Vie da li sclenzuli" can be found on both sides of the Valposchiavo valley. These "direct connections" between the high altitudes and the valley floor were once used to bring the hay mown at altitude down to the valley by the fastest route with the so-called "sclenzuli", a kind of wooden sledge. Today, these paths offer first-class bike descents - but they have to be cleared of the debris and branches with which they have filled up over the past decades, and that is precisely the point: Vivabike Valposchiavo, the cooperation of Valposchiavo's bike accommodations, invites bike fans who aren't too shy to pick up a shovel and pickaxe once in a while to get five "Vie da li sclenzuli" in shape for the biking season in five days from 19-24 May 2019. The offer includes: 5 nights' accommodation 5 packed lunches and 5 cene "100% Valposchiavo". The mornings are dedicated to trail building and in the afternoon a rich programme of experiences awaits: rides on the most beautiful trails of the valley, wine tastings, a visit to the Casa Tome, wellness, technical courses... Whatever your heart desires. The whole thing costs a smile and two flaps on the hands.... and is an ideal preparation for the Vivabike Festival, which kicks off the biking season in the valley from 28-30 May: More information here: