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Silkeborg Sti- og Sporbyggerlaug

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GPS coordinates: 56.159197, 9.605965

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Now we are ready with another trail day and this time we connect the ascent to Muldvarpen and Hugormen on Madam Blå and Den Røde Sløjfe, as well as renovated the lower part of Madam Blå. Thomas Sørensen - Trail Builder of the Year 2022 - and co. are working hard to get the coherent course with Muldvarpen and Hugormen finished, so we get a new fantastic piece of black trail. Parking takes place in the car park by Skydebanen and we meet at Skydebanevej at the bottom of Madam Blå, where the trail-trailer will be ready. Bring good energy and good mood, and we will provide food and drink.