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GPS coordinates: 43.52997411759591, 6.691081741781253

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8h45 17h30

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Tcoyt 2023 (trail maintenance) In view of climate change: high temperature and lack of water, it is difficult for us to do maintenance in May. In view of the fire restrictions, we preferred to do a single date close to the road. That's why I'm offering you On Saturday, May 20, the restoration of the descent of the cigar maker on the stone side of the cuckoo in the town of Bagnols in the forest. Located on the Grand Site de France with the agreement of the smgse and the town hall of Bagnols-en-ForĂȘt. The principle in the morning meeting around 8:45 am on the site welcome speech handing over tools to the different teams and placement in the different places of the cigar box. The interview: -creation of a channel to avoid the rut phenomenon - layout of certain parts that are difficult to access by bike - cutting some plants at head height Noon we eat on the spot And from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. discovery outing on local tracks! For parking we will have two parking lots -Parking of the cemetery at the foot of the descent of the cigariere max 50 places