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Mud Turtles

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GPS coordinates: 36.855696347222484, 27.287762677579636

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09:00 am till 18:00 pm

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For this years TCOYT we will open a new line in a trail called Lambros.In the past years we were using an old gravel road for 1km until entering the trail and now its the time to create a full singletrack from top to bottom.There is also a plan to extend a trail called Break-fast and put the entrance of it in a higher altittude.The goal is to add 1km at each trail and raise the awareness of all the volunteer trailbuilders we will recruite this year.We are participating in TCOYT since 2017 and we are so greatefull that our trails are nowdays so much in use from mountainikers of all levels. As a consequense we will have to make them better ,extend them and teach the riders how they are made and how to maintain and respect them.The trail-buliding will be authorized from the forest department and the municipality of Kos island.