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Group name

Mud Turtles

Event location

GPS coordinates: 36.85080982866374, 27.312073160842488

Event date

Saturday 06/04/2019 and every Saturday until 05/05/2019

Event time

9:00am until 3:00am

Event contact

Giorgos Grigoriadis , mobile +306981946223 ,

Event link


For this year we have a goal to finish a trail that started last April on the TCofYT.The first 2km are already cleaned but not shaped.There is 1 more Km until the top of the hill that needs cleaning and all of the trail is waiting for a good shaping.Lets give to the Flow Turtle trail the chance to be the best trail on KOS island.The event will start on the 6th of April and will happen every Sunday until the 5th of May.