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MTB Kingdoms Pyrenees

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GPS coordinates: 42.3903435542009, -0.7167427655293134

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From the 5 destinations that are part of MTB Kingdoms Pyrenees we want to promote a joint action in each center to sensitize schoolchildren in our territories about the value and importance of the trails. The action will consist of a talk (duration 1 hour) in a school in each of our 5 destinations (5 schools in total) where we will explain the importance of trails, their tourist and economic value. What is a trail, how to study for its recovery, what should be done before its recovery, how to clean and recover a trail. After the talk, we will visit a trail near the school and there carry out some cleaning and maintenance (duration 2 hours). During this action we will explain the tools that are used, what is a trail crew and its functions, how much it costs (money and time) to clean and maintain a trail. Then some maintenance activity will be carried out on the trail and the students will have the possibility to immediately apply the knowledge they just acquired. Objective: with this action MTB Kingdoms Pyrenees aims to raise awareness among the younger rural population about the importance of trails and their value for the economic development of the areas where they live. Also encourage trailbuilding as a future profession in the rural world that helps to fix population in the region, encouraging young people to stay in their villages and not go to the city, as depopulation and lack of opportunities in the rural world for young people is one of the great challenges for the future in the Pyrenees and Aragonese Pre Pyrenees.