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MTB Kingdoms Pyrenees

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GPS coordinates: 42.18610367023595, 0.024950277634982664

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From the 5 destinations that are part of MTB Kingdoms Pyrenees we want to promote a joint action in each center to sensitize schoolchildren in our territories about the value and importance of the trails. The action will consist of a talk (duration 1 hour) in a school in each of our 5 destinations (5 schools in total) where we will explain the importance of trails, their tourist and economic value. What is a trail, how to study for its recovery, what should be done before its recovery, how to clean and recover a trail. After the talk, we will visit a trail near the school and there carry out some cleaning and maintenance (duration 2 hours). During this action we will explain the tools that are used, what is a trail crew and its functions, how much it costs (money and time) to clean and maintain a trail. Then some maintenance activity will be carried out on the trail and the students will have the possibility to immediately apply the knowledge they just acquired.