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Lesvos Cycling Club

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GPS coordinates: 39.109026392462965, 26.56376279327394

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Here on Lesvos we take care of our trails according to international standards, all maintenance is legal and in cooperation with the local authorities, there is an extensive network of maintained mountain biking trails and it is open to everyone. TCoYT's campaign will run from April 22nd (Earth Day) to June 2nd, urging teams around the world for a total of 6 weeks to maintain, clean, care for, repair and remove debris on our local trails . The "big" event (with public participation) will take place on Wednesday afternoon 5/29/2024 and PoSyLe invites you to participate so that we can take care of some of the paths in Tsamakia together. The Cycling Association of Lesvos invites anyone who wishes to participate in the voluntary cleaning of the paths to be on May 29, 2024, at 17:00 Tsamakia. The tasks will be done in small groups and the division and the work place will be done at the time of the meeting. Children can also participate in the event, along with their guardians.