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Biketrails Valencia

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GPS coordinates: 39.78843174286498, -0.8578117993163881

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09:00 - 18:00 h

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Biketrails Valencia is a mountain biking center promoted by the Higueruelas City Council and developed by a group of cycling enthusiasts, which is located in the heart of the SerranĂ­a de Valencia. Our main objective is to promote sport and the social use of the natural environment through mountain biking, for the benefit of the local population and potential visitors, always from a sustainable and environmentally friendly point of view. One of our objectives is the recovery of the old trails and forest tracks that are part of the heritage of the area and that in many cases were abandoned, adapting them to the practice of mountain biking. To carry out this work we have the help of the members of our Sports Club, and we organize festive days that we dedicate to the recovery and maintenance of the trails, and that we end with a brotherhood dinner for all the members of the club and their families. In this case, we are going to recover an old path called "El Collado del Lobo", which was formerly used to move cattle between the villages in the area, and which has now been lost due to disuse. We want this abandoned path to become an attractive single track for mountain bikers who visit us. We have the necessary permits from the authorities in the area to carry out this action.