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GPS coordinates: 46.2658158836899, 9.858106067693662

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08:00 UNTIL 13:00

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Our plan is to organize different groups of work with volunteers from different reality. Bikers but also hikers and just friends of the mountain. in each group will be one of our MTB INSTRUCTOR that also take part of IMBA ITALIA trailbuliding workshops, we are 7 instructors. the first group will start to rebuild a old trail that we found this spring. is a trail who connect two places in our Valley "Chiesa and Caspoggio" is a trail that can be super useful for our mtb school but also for hikers that they wanna walk or run from a village to the other. the other group will go on the existant trail "curnash" to fix a couple of turns and couple of water passage. if we are going to have more people we want to clean around from leafs and grass the other existant trails in Valmalenco Valley. You can find our map on