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Aberdeenshire Trail Association

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GPS coordinates: 57.01362598557153, -3.267711387990695

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In the winter of 2021, 3 consecutive storms, hot our region and destroyed the forests, taking with it about 80% of our trail network. It has been devastating and the road to recovery has been slow as we balance landowner priorities, timber harvesting and also making forests safe for bikers and other users. As a result we have seen a vast amount of chainsaw work. Some agreed and some unauthorised, sadly. Many of our trails run through areas which are protected. As a way of giving something back to the forests that have been flattened, we will be getting involved with some projects in our national park; tree planting and promoting other natural habitats for animals. It will be generations before our forests recover, and many of our trails have been lost forever. However, we feel if we can plant new trees then generations ahead of us will again have forests to shred their bikes in!! Yeooow! The date may change but this is one we are aiming for .